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Data to the Runescape Players

Le 3 février 2017, 15:14 dans Humeurs 0

New Dragon

On average, the highest-levelled players fell into the I don’t want any of the above category, and we did see the number of voters nearly halve from the previous two Cryptarch/Prices. It could be that you simply aren’t as invested in the outcome of this poll as the others, or that some of you weren’t aware that a new poll was taking place. 62,000 players who had voted in a previous poll didn’t vote in this one - perhaps we need to raise awareness when a new poll starts.

An interesting fact to come out of this was when looking at just the lower-levelled (0–1000 skill total) and those with less in-game wealth, the gold dragon trumped the celestial dragon with 36% to 33% of votes. This is likely due to the description of the gold dragon dropping large sums of gold coins. It's good to know that voters are taking the descriptions into account and not just voting for the coolest name!

Spring Holiday Event

Brassica Prime and Marimbo came out on top with 65% of the votes. I had a hunch that longer-standing players who had experienced more of the traditional events might have had a higher percentage of Traditional Easter Event votes. I was proven wrong - how long you'd played RuneScape had no effect on your voting preference.
No one group had significantly more votes for Traditional Easter Event, be it combat, skill total, account age or any other breakdown.

World Reductions

The winning option was to keep them as they are, which got 37,500 (64%) of the votes. Generally, the higher-levelled (both skill total and combat) the player, the more likely they were to vote keep them as they are. My feeling is that there’s a competitive aspect, in which reducing the number of worlds means less training spots for gathering and combat skills.

Another topic that arose was that Wilderness Warbands players would only vote to keep them as they are, as more worlds means more events. I looked into this, and found that throughout the duration of the world reduction poll 7656 unique players had played Warbands. Of those, 4681 (61.14%) voted in the poll. 3335 (71.25%) voted to keep the number of worlds as they are, 1346 (28.25%) voted to reduce the number. It became evident that even if we only look at voters who've never played Warbands, the outcome remains unchanged, with a 63% majority vote to keep the number of worlds as they are.

Invention Skill vs. The Elf City

Last - but by no means least - our first Dragonstone poll has ended. Over 156,000 of you voted, which resulted in the Elf City beating the Invention skill. As you can see, the voting was a lot closer in this poll than in the others.  What really pushed the Elf City into the lead was the number of higher skill totalled players voting for it. Among 0 – 2000 skill total voters, the Invention skill was most popular with 54% of the votes. On the other hand, among everyone above 2000 skill total, the Elf City dominated with 64% of the votes.

Clearly, the Elf City has a lot of higher-levelled players backing it and needs appropriately high-levelled content, some of which we’ll be polling this month. Players with only a handful of skills left to max also heavily voted in favour of the Elf City (not wanting to lose those max capes again so soon, are we I think I'll wrap it up there. I know that reading up on data analysis isn’t at the forefront of your minds when you come to play Old School Runescape Gold, but I hope this was an interesting insight for you - both on what the community wants from the game, and on some of the methods we use to make that happen.

Your own Rs Gold fraudsters happen common the net

Le 28 janvier 2017, 14:37 dans Humeurs 0

Once you participate in RuneScape interchanging will be something! Listed below are a level number of sensible RuneScape methods in order to provide you with a main area previously mentioned many other RuneScape individuals. When you adore RuneScape, Watchtower,won't most likely rip-off on your own! Similar in order to personally, generally have an understanding of concerning the RuneScape products you might be promoting or even purchasing to possess a inexpensive provide.

There are many sincere individuals benefiting from RuneScape nevertheless, there's usually numerous people that may technique, Buy Rs Gold,end up being disloyal in addition to rest for any few RuneScape loose enhance. On no account obtain from another RuneScape store (except if it really is stackable) due to the fact it is much more high-priced when compared along with trading employing a RuneScape partner.

Don’t obtain scammed! There is no much even worse perspective associated with planet in comparison with determining a person lately dropped numerous million RuneScape gold having a ridiculous guy or even ladies having the silly concept. Keep in mind that the majority of RuneScape deals aren’t relative. Cheap Rs Gold.You may think within the incorrect associated with not at all supplying individuals with some thing in exchange, which may be faultlessly typical. In case precisely what an additional RuneScape battler requires is unquestionably ridiculous, primarily make certain these people understand no. Period.

Each time these people bully anybody or maybe preserve difficult an excellent banned RuneScape trade just have them as well as quit all of them. Right here is the create related to regulation any kind of the majority of: shouldn't swindles in addition to scams answer gamers. Gold 4 Rs.As well as laying for many additional associates by yourself personal achieve is certainly prevent a good individual’s center regarding to be able to suitable make use of.

It is almost always perfect directly into the actual can. Your own rs gold fraudsters happen common the net for instance Runescape on the internet discussion boards, glorified discussion boards along with the activity alone. Runescape 07 gold. The people generally usually counsel you that they'll cause you to plentiful and provide an individual with the methods to obtain RS Gold. Whenever you deal with these kinds of nearly consumers you have to not at all think that them all Buy Amazing Gold. These people merely would really like login as well as security passwords through a person.

Runescape lms

Le 26 janvier 2017, 15:14 dans Humeurs 0

The first high stakes Last Man Standing weekend was a roaring success. It's time to raise the stakes again and compete for a chance at fame and fortune. Costing 1 million gp per entry, high stakes LMS embodies risk and reward gameplay, offering a first place prize of 15 Million gp!

The prizing works out at ten times that of usual Last Man Standing, so in addition to the first place prize of 15m, 2nd place gets 5m, and 3rd-5th gain free entry to another High Stakes game.

However, there's not just fame and fortune to be won. There's also some new ways of wreaking havoc in the battle for survival. We've added in the Dragon Warhammer and Dragon Claws to the chests' loot. Claws may only be looted with Bloodier Keys however, so you'll have to get slaying for a chance to wield this legendary weapon.

To take part in High Stakes Last Man Standing, talk to buy osrs gold, found just east of the Clan Wars bank.

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