Blaze a trail to Lumbridge Crater and Treasure Hunter this weekend for some flamin' awesome rewards.Guido Fawkes is holding a red-hot holiday event in Lumbridge Crater.

Head there for firey fun, and to Treasure Hunter for protean logs, and some exclusive fire-related consumables. But How to Start?

Firemakers Sera and Emmet can be found in Lumbridge Crater, demonstrating poi dancing and fire breathing.

Head there and talk to them for a free poi and fire breathing solution. These can be used within the crater, giving XP in Agility and Herblore respectively, plus a little Firemaking XP in both cases. You can pick up more on Treasure Hunter.

The burning heart of the celebration is an enormous bonfire, which can be used to burn logs and cremate bones, with additional benefits:

    +25% Firemaking XP boost.
    Same Firemaking XP boost as braziers for cremation (no Prayer XP boost).
    Always acts as if five people are using it for XP-boosting purposes.
    Chance to save logs (protean included) when burning.

Ironman players can claim the free poi and solution and use them. This will display the animation, but award no XP. Ironman players can use the bonfire, but will not receive the above benefits from doing so.

You'll also find Carlos the Chef. Speak to him for a free snack, and feel free to use his grills and runescape gold nearby bank chests for a spot of Cooking training.