Has nothing to do with the boss. They made the event with the intention of encouraging people doing the event in small chunks over several days, but made it so that people who wanted to grind out all the rewards day one could do so.

This event is literally a repeatable quest that resets to incomplete each day at reset provided you completed it the previous day. If you didn't complete the quest (by actually talking to sir brain in a jar and getting the quest complete box) before reset, and you turn it in AFTER that days reset, then that day is the one considered completed, not the previous one. That is why you're getting the 15 points, and why after the next reset you'll get 50 points again.

So just make sure you talk to Fenkenbrain and get the quest complete each day before reset and this wont be an issue any more.

Edit: So interesting thing, I didn't get a quest complete today when talking to ol' Jar-Brain after completing all tasks and beating the boss. I did get 50 points for the activities as expected though. A curious development. At the same time though, I don't much care since I have all the rewards now, so I won't be going back anyway.

As far as I'm concerned, the event was bad. Better than everything we've gotten between 2012 and 2015, but still bad. It just doesn't hold up to the Halloween events that we got in 2011 and before.

1.) The setting and tone weren't Halloween. Doing a Frankenstein spoof is fine, but that alone makes it Halloween no more than does snow and nothing else make it Christmas. Halloween needs the Grim Reaper, Pumpkin Pete, haunted mansions, monsters, parties, etc.

2.) The gameplay sucked. It was just boring time-dependent content. And for players with lag, it sucked out what little fun there was to be had. Give us back moderately-challenging puzzles.

3.) The rewards sucked. Holiday events should reward players with a full costume that's clearly associated with the holiday in question, a cool emote, and a relevant pet.

Fortunately, they've fixed Easter and Christmas, so I have hope for future Halloween events.

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