One last word of advice is to consider nondevelopment jobs in the video game industry. Canada has a huge presence of not only game developers, but game publishers as well. That means there are plenty of jobs in marketing, sales, public relations, and a number of other business and support roles, like IT. If you really don?t have the time to work on learning game programming, then you can still work in the game industry, it just has to be in a position where you?re not actually making the game.Good luck!Jill Duffy is editorinchief of and is content manager for the Game Career Seminar series. She is also senior contributing editor of Game Developer magazine. If you have a question you would like to see answered in this column, send it via email to [email protected] a second opinion? Share it on the forum registration is free.Related Articles?No More IT for Me How One Tech Vet Became a Game Programmer??Ask the Experts Skilled in IT, Pining for Games?

Tomy's titles based on the internationally popular manga and anime series Naruto is a surprisingly popular game franchise in North Americaand notably, they're also known for solid quality. But Tomy's latest fighting game title, Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 for Wii, was now faced with an interesting challenge how to bring North American players the next adventure when the TV series in Japan is as much as two years ahead of what's airing in the West?Clash of Ninja Revolution 2's Tomy producer Nobi Matsuo decided to leverage the gap by filling it in with original characters and storylines made specifically for the game.

But how does this work with a game licensed from a Japanese cartoon, developed for a U.S. audience, requiring permission from a Japanese IPholder? It gets complicated, and Matsuo explains the process in an interview with Gamasutra.How did this game come to be chosen and conceived?Nobi Matsuo It was a timing thing. Everything fell in place. We've been localizing the Japanese titles for the Runescape3 gold as you know, the Japanese TV shows are as much as a year or a couple years ahead of the U.S. TV show. So a lot of the characters have grown up and everything, so we can't usually use any of the assets from the Japanese side and bring them over to the U.S. side. Especially when we made the transition to the Wiiby that time, all the Japanese games that, for Tomy, used all the characters, which were prohibited for us to use.