RuneScape 3 Gold And the 3 Runescape online forums and reddits part-brewing hostility recent departure of former CEO Mark Gerhard, and the last update of the game that made what microtransactions look worse.In September Gerhard Discussions tweeted he was officially left the garden end of the year - a term that prevents the soon departing employees from being in contact with other employees and customers, and keep sensitive information.

In a farewell message posted on the official website of the game, he talked about the six-year-old 3 Runescape CEO members of the work team and the yhteis.Lausunnossa not to mention their own point of view to the left, and future plans.Some have predicted that the force to leave the government, and he is replaced by Alex Crisses - currently one of the members of the Board of Directors IVP. Growing concerns about the Runescape started 3 rows of past experiences Crisses , as well as other persons CEO of new opportunities.Here's what one member of said sub-game to Reddit today: Alex Crisses, one of the members of the Board IVP, has proved to be a brutal record companies sabotage.

The other members of the Council among Jagex, there Rod Cousens, which was destroyed in the productivity of the game company Codemasters - but I'm sure there are more about this soon, because he is currently the Chairman of the Board, and the person most likely to be the CEO. I'm not very familiar with the game payment model, but each is raging microtransactions how aggressively after the departure of Gerhard's. In addition, they are also increasing the cost of membership for new members $ 10 a month.

When MTX warship gambling updated today, the 01 january 2015 we will also give Solomon desired number of cities. Oh, and presentations SPAM sale now. You can not even go into the wilderness or Moon Island without seeing the micro transaction spam. I will not be surprised one bit when the IVP start touching feed RSS, but I hope something is done to stop this before it gets it. If Runescape 07 gold player, you can go here and RS Gold read through a lot of comments to get yourself up to date.