There are Halloween treats aplenty as Treasure Hunter becomes the Haunted Graveyard!Collect as much candy corn as possible and exchange it for spooky seasonal prizes.Candy corn can be found on RuneScape 3 or through skilling, killing or daily challenges in-game  and stacks in your inventory. It can also be traded player-to-player or on the Grand Exchange.

Click on your stack of candy corn to redeem it for our selection of Halloween prizes: Count Draynor cosmetic override outfit; Pumpkincrow companion pet; Halloween bat necklace; Tormented Mask of Icthlarin; Starved Mask of Amascut; Pumpkin launcher (two-handed ranged override); Broom (two-handed magic override); Cauldron maul (two-handed melee override).Please note that the masks of Icthlarin and Amascut can be bought once each.Ironman players can earn candy corn in-game and spend it on rewards from the above list RS 2007 Gold with the exception of the Icthlarin and Amascut masks.Candy corn will remain in game until 23:59 UTC on the 18th of November, after which it will be removed from the game and exchanged for a small quantity of runescape gold and Old School RS Gold.Have fun dressing yourself in the most macabre of garb this Halloween.

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