If your impression of Treasure Hunter rewards is still lingering on powered bonus XP promotion, then you might miss the best time for collecting marvelous rs items-getting precious doubloons for exchanging for pirate themed cosmetic items.

Don’t forget to join in Talk Like A Pirate Day.

This time, Runescape Treasure Hunter event asks players to head to the pirate cove to unlock chests to win precious doubloons. After you have collected the doubloons, you can exchange them in a special treasure chest interface for Pirate themed cosmetic items.

Unlock chests time: From Thursday 18th September at 01:00 UK time to Thursday 25th September at 00:59 UK time.

What kinds of pirate themed items you can exchange for?

1. A Pirate Sheep Companion (complete with pirate jig)

2. ‘Walking the Plank’ emote

3. A Ship's Wheel Shield

4. A Swordfish Weapon

5. A Jolly Roger Cape

6. Peg leg Boots (you can even use double peg legs to match your double eye patch)

7. 10 different pirate titles

8. 6 different beard overrides, 3 for the lasses, and 3 for the buccaneers

Rsorder tips for getting as much doubloons as possible:

1. Kill pirates to pickpocket them for more doubloons

2. Gain tickets in the Brimhaven Agility Course for more doubloons.

3. Have a chat with Alice over a pirate-themed issue. She and her pirate cove had a makeover now.

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